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Loose ends


  1. A Rosetta Stone of Unix OS Languages (as per the author). It is a pretty good translation between the many different Unix OS.
  2. A Rosetta Stone of Unix Shell Scripts
  3. Static table map of Unix OS commands from
  4. AIX vs Solaris commands mapping
  5. Advanced Horizons has pretty good, concise info on AIX, Linux, Windows, Hardware, etc.
  6. Online Unix books (Mostly in Russian, some in English)
  7. Samba-CIFS
  8. Google for bookshelf
  9. .

Lighter Readings
  1. Funny 404
  2. It is not only for web developers ^_^
  3. Rusted Realty Puns intended...
  4. Unixville Geeks galore :)
  5. Folklore on computer and companies (currently only apple from the old days).
  6. The New Hacker's Dictionary Hilarious read for the insiders. book ISBN 0262680920
  1. HTML Validator
  2. Synergy Two computers, two monitors, ONE keyboard and mouse, with cut and paste!! synergy.conf
  3. crypt generation web form for generating encrypted password
  4. ASCII Art Generator, kinda like web-based figlet, pretty cool :) Another version hosted by a friend of mine.
  5. Free Digital Certificate for secure web servers, etc.
  6. Sunfreeware main mirror site hosted by
  7. .


  • Unix System Administration Handbook by Nemeth et al. This is the Bible for Unix Sys Admin. Excellent read and reference. Highly recommended.
  • Essential System Administration by Frisch. Another comprehensive Unix Sys Admin Book.
  • The Awk Programming Language by the original authors. Kinda old, but very concise yet easy to read, so still highly recommended. After reading Ch3, you can do most of what you would need to do with Awk. Unfortunately, its age does not cover new features implemented by gAWK :-(

About me

I have been "hacking" computers for 10+ years now. I started liking to fiddle with OS since college days in FIU, and it is still a hobby when I am not hiking and biking or studying for biotech :-)

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