baremetal provision tool. common in hpc environment pxe boot machine, most often run stateless nodes.


Good intro/overview https://warewulf.readthedocs.io/en/latest/about/architecture.html google group eg: https://groups.google.com/a/lbl.gov/g/warewulf/c/Yx9OMqkyJKU

warewulf backup

warewulf has a mysql db, running daily dbdump is recommended.
This stores the node and provision config.
MySQL/MariaDB config is stored in /etc/warewulf/database*conf

mysqldump --add-drop-database --opt $DB 
Where $DB is one of 
/var/chroot contents for the vnfs is NOT in the db, and separate store for that is necessary
(eg, vnfs build server, pullvnfs script presumed can run again to repopulate this).
db restore
Restore command (run as root):

bunzip2 -c mysql_backup_mysql_MMDD.sql.bz2    | mysql mysql
bunzip2 -c mysql_backup_warewulf_MMDD.sql.bz2 | mysql warewulf

A few commands to check the restored databases:

mysql -e "describe host" mysql
mysql -e "describe datastore" warewulf
mysql -e "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM user" mysql
mysql -e "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM datastore" warewulf

network troubleshooting

If nodes are not PXE booting:

Jul  9 10:40:50 wwulf dhcpd[3849]: DHCPDISCOVER from ff:7b:25:fa:4f:7e via enp0s3: network no free leases
Jul  9 10:40:54 wwulf dhcpd[3849]: DHCPDISCOVER from ff:7b:25:fa:4f:7e via enp0s3: network no free leases

then try
wwsh -v dhcp update
wwsh dhcp restart
wwsh pxe  update

write to /etc/dhcp/dhpcd.conf
if config has:

   # Evaluating Warewulf node: c0000 (DB ID:887)
   # Skipping c0000: Not on boot network (

check /etc/warewulf/provision.conf
the NIC device defined there need to have a network that is within the IP range defined by the wwulf nodes.

Also see:

config troubleshooting


tftp troubleshooting

tftp (and dhcpd) needs to be running on the warewulf server. see general_unix.html#tftp for troubleshooting info.

TBD int ref

httpd troubleshooting

Once PXE boot complete via tftp, the image invoke HTTP GET to fetch files from the warewulf servers. these files are expected to be stored in: /srv/warewulf

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